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Promerica Health Services

We combine the science of health with the art of experience to change brand attitudes, patient behaviors and your bottom line. Best-in-class Mobile Health Screenings, employee health screenings (and more).

Mobile Health Screenings

Mobile health screenings, counseling, education and enrollment services, delivered from our fleet of Mobile Health Vehicles (MHVs) by qualified health professionals

Health Screenings

Clinically-compliant biometric testing and related preventive services, surrounded by industry-leading engagement, intervention and data management practices

Product Roadshows

Onsite demonstration of medical technologies, software solutions and more – direct to physicians, researchers, hospital administrators and buyers

Marketing Services

Strategy, development and execution of community outreach, media outreach, sampling, retail marketing programs for health-conscious products, services and organizations

Creative Support

Multimedia, presentation, exhibit, collateral, online, social and app design services, under one roof, to bring your vision to life.

Promerica Health Leadership

Our team of medical experts, engagement specialists and marketing executives reflect the depth and diversity of our unique approach to health engagement

Steve Woods
Stephen M. Woods

As President/CEO of TideSmart Global (TSG), parent company of Promerica Health, Steve Woods brings over 30 years of diversified experience to his stewardship of each TSG company.

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Jennifer Rancourt, MPA

As VP of Communications & Compliance for Promerica Health, Jennifer Rancourt brings a unique background of laboratory science, healthcare administration and medical device sales experience.

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Dr. John Torres
Jonathan K. Torres

As Medical Director of Promerica Health, Dr. Torres brings over 20 years of occupational medical experience, including past work for the United States Air Force as a Flight Surgeon.

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Who We Serve

If you are looking to deliver healthy outcomes, you have come to the right place.


We help employers address rising healthcare costs and inspire employees to live healthier lives, enhancing the employer-employee bond in the process. We use mobile health solutions, onsite events, strategic wellness partners and proprietary technologies to deliver uncommon…


We help health-conscious brands connect with key audiences (e.g. mass, boomers, multi-cultural, disease-state specific, etc.) and medical marketers connect with key influencers and decision makers (e.g. physicians, pharmacists, hospital administrators, etc.). We use roadshows, sampling programs, meetings,…


We work with retailers to re-imagine each store location as a community point-of-care, often showcasing existing offerings (e.g. immunizations, pharmacist consultations) and coordinating supplier/vendor support to achieve shared goals. We use mobile heath, onsite events, community outreach,…


We improve member health while helping to differentiate insurers from the highly-competitive pack, leveraging both onsite screenings delivery (both mobile and traditional) and associated promotional efforts (PR, digital marketing, social media, etc.) to position insurers as community…


From brokers to unions, marketing agencies to government agencies, we build health engagement platforms to suit specific audiences, patient segments, communities and clients. Let’s work together to change attitudes, maximize constituent value and achieve your health and…