A Powerful Incentive for a Healthy Lifestyle: Family & Friends

PromericaHealth-healthengagementcompany-201521-04I am sitting at my desk with loads of work to do, but I have one thing on my mind–It’s spending this week with my children. This week is Spring Break, and I will have the rare opportunity to take my children on a vacation. I am positively giddy with excitement.

One could argue that I should be thinking of things like corporate wellness programs. But I am thinking about employee wellness. I am thinking that one’s family is the ultimate “carrot,” if you will, for getting employees to live a healthy lifestyle.

The desire to see one’s child grow up and be happy and independent–isn’t that a powerful incentive? Along the same lines, aren’t our friends, our community, and our neighbors (and for some, our pets), worth staying healthy for?

Of course, the monetary incentives to participate in a corporate wellness program send wonderful messages about the importance that employers place on corporate wellness programs, and they do encourage engagement. The money is helpful for the family, and so the two together have a synergistic effect, along with all the other reasons employees want to stay healthy.

But by giving employees time to reconnect with friends and family, employers are reminding employees why diet and exercise are so important.

So, while this vacation that I am taking is not part of any formal corporate wellness program, I will return refreshed and revitalized. The time away with my family will remind me what is most important, and I will return re-engergized.

And week after next? I will run a little faster and eat a little healthier!