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We combine clinical and experiential capabilities to promote healthy outcomes

Promerica Health is a full-service health engagement and medical marketing company that provides turnkey solutions for health screenings, wellness programs, product roadshows, meetings, trade shows, product sampling, content, and more. Combining both clinical excellence and experiential creativity, we deliver transformative health experiences that change behaviors and deliver results.

We meet the needs of brands and employers who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

Our programs are never out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solutions. We create the experience you want, designed with your unique needs in mind:

Customized Experiences

Specially-Trained Staff

HIPAA-Compliant Technologies

Elevated Clinical Competency

Integrated Insights and Analytics

We believe in the transformative power of experience

Our expertise in the development of compelling consumer experiences anchors Promerica Health’s perspective on health engagement. We understand the role that thoughtful interactions play in modeling, explaining, and changing behaviors. These interactions become even more critical when traditional obstacles to healthy outcomes – lack of insight, fear of discovery, resistance to change – must be overcome.


We understand the clinical realities of health engagement

This is exacting, critical, life-changing work. Our people, equipment, systems, processes, policies, and analysis are equally exacting. To assess health, we must test with clinical accuracy. To share insights, we must handle data securely. To inform strategy, we must measure results. To change behaviors, we have to offer expertise. And to protect the interests of both clients and patients, we must do all of this with an abiding awareness of constantly-evolving regulatory and compliance standards.

We deliver transformative health experiences for the world’s most respected brands

As a full-service health, wellness and medical technology engagement company, Promerica Health uses a mix of mobile, onsite, clinical, and digital strategies to deliver transformative health experiences for some of the biggest and best brands, employers, non-profit organizations, and healthcare stakeholders in the world.

A different experience.
Better results.

Experienced leadership.
A truly transformative health experience.