Supply, demand & safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed demands on all types of organizations with additional infrastructure, resources, and tools needed to minimize the spread of the virus and prevent further outbreaks. Pandemic-specific items, ranging from appropriate cleaning supplies to personal protective equipment, are now necessities wherever people are congregating.

As we safely re-open businesses, schools, and other institutions, our society is evolving into a “new normal.” Embracing the wide range of requirements and recommendations necessary for this new normalcy depends on labor, capital, and information systems expenditures, all of which are expensive. To control the additional expenses required, it is necessary to maximize the value of the costs associated with mitigating the risks posed by COVID-19.

While we will likely be dealing with the effects and aftermath of this pandemic for at least another year, the potential for future outbreaks makes it necessary for organizations to define their risk appetite clearly now. It is critical to establish explicit criteria for when to “armor up” and push through versus when to shut down and wait for conditions to improve.

Partnering with a critical logistics provider specializing in emergency preparedness, healthcare, or medical support is a sound way to build safety, timeliness, and flexibility of response into your organization’s COVID-19 plans. These specialized logistics providers can offer you innovative options to gain access to pandemic-related business essentials when you need them. For example, you may be able to obtain fractional ownership of an extensive, local stockpile of health verification and COVID-19 testing equipment. Another example might entail subscription-based access to on-demand PPE re-supply services. Having an outside critical logistics partner assist in these ways helps mitigate the risks of having too little or too much invested in COVID-19 preparedness.

Promerica Health, with its unique blend of capabilities in critical logistics, clinical practices, and DOT-accredited transportation services, is ideally equipped to assist businesses of all sizes in managing this pandemic and embracing our new normal.


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