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A Healthy Conversation with Steve Woods (02/28/21)

In a world where health concerns now dominate our daily discourse, it’s time we had A Healthy Conversation about the future of health and wellness. Each week, host Steve Woods will engage national leaders and local experts from the clinical, business, scientific, academic, and political communities in an honest and upbeat dialogue about today’s healthcare realities and tomorrow’s developing opportunities. From emerging technologies to evolving policy work, personal fitness to public health, each show will showcase the thinkers and explore the thinking that will help us change the conversation – and ultimately change the world.


This week, as we close out American Heart Month, the American Heart Association’s Lena Minervino talks about heart health, and we look back at the extraordinary life of renowned cardiologist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient the late Dr. Bernard Lown.

This show originally aired on WGAN AM 560/FM 98.5 on February 28, 2021


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