COVID-19 has changed the world – and the workplace. We’re working to ensure our clients are ready for the new reality.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is not just a public health crisis – it’s a crisis of confidence. From “return to work” to “return to normal”, many people (and businesses) are reluctant to take the first step.

To reduce health risks – and restore confidence – we’ve developed a variety of “return” offerings. Drawing from both our clinical and experiential toolkits, these comprehensive solutions combine safety protocols with effective engagement and promotional efforts, packaged for turnkey use by leading businesses.

Our “ReadyFor” program can be tailored for the workplace, retail, restaurants, hotels, academic institutions and other environments. Each leverages the robust “toolkit” described below.

Biometric - Interactive Health Clients


From finger stick to venipuncture, onsite or onboard one of our Mobile Health Vehicles (MHVs).


Multi-Channel Comms

We provide signage, digital content and related resources to promote safe practices.

We make it easy to operationalize your protocols – and tell the world you’re taking the right steps.


Stakeholder Training

We ensure that your staff understand the goals and details of your safety program.

We combine distance (online) learning with “how to” videos and interactive webinars.


Health Verification

We help administer and monitor the health of your employees to reduce the risk of transmission.

We leverage daily “screener” apps with onsite temperature checks (if desired).


COVID-19 Testing

We help assess the health of symptomatic employees to keep them (and others) safe.

From onsite testing to local lab partnerships, we route employees to the right resources.


PPE Fulfillment

We secure the personal protective equipment (PPE) you need to navigate safely.

From masks and shields to hand sanitizer and disinfectant, we package and ship on demand.


Compliance Checks

We “stress test” your implementation using onsite audits and surveys.

Leveraging over 500,000 field auditors nationally, we provide actionable (site-specific) insights.



We provide a “dashboard” to help you understand compliance and performance.

From single sites to national networks, we centralize and visualize your results.


Customer Support

Our “helpdesk” is always available to answer questions and support your employees.

From PPE replenishment to technical questions, our customer service reps are standing by.