Stephen M. Woods

Steve Woods, CEO/Founder of TideSmart Global (Promerica Health’s parent company) has enjoyed a long history of success in the areas of business, academia, health/wellness and community engagement. As a consumer marketing professional, college (adjunct) professor, elected government leader (Chairman-Yarmouth Town Council) and community leader (board member – Boys & Girls Clubs,) Woods has dedicated his professional life to the pursuit of helping others in many dimensions, with an intense focus on health/wellness.

Recently, Woods was honored by the Maine Health Management Coalition and named as a “CEO Champion” for his work and commitment to wellness. In addition, the Portland Press Herald newspaper presented Woods with a community outreach/service award, recognizing him as one of Maine’s “Healthcare Heroes.”

“The work we do at Promerica Health extends beyond the scope and metrics of most businesses in that our greatest successes are measured by the positive impact, often life-changing, that we’re able to provide on a daily basis all across the country,” said Woods.