Integrated Marketing

We specialize in marketing that makes a difference. In collaboration with our clients, our campaigns change the conversation and create lasting connections with patients, providers and health-conscious consumers.

There are many agencies available to marketers and brands, but few specialize in health – and even fewer are actually providers themselves.

Inspiring patients, providers and consumers to believe (and buy) isn’t easy. Unlike most categories, these purchase decisions are often accompanied by larger and life-altering realities. As a result, successful brands must do more than promote products – they must empower change.

For almost two decades, we’ve brought clinical competency and experiential expertise to health engagement and health and wellness marketing. From brand strategy to campaign delivery, informed by medical oversight, we work with health conscious brands, OTC/CPG, medical marketers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers, public health leaders and advocacy organizations to improve health, promote wellness and deliver measurable results.

Our core competencies reflect the intricate and integrated nature of our work. We leverage them to deliver memorable moments that foster change.


Insights &

We helped Red Bull assess the “digital health” of millennials and e-sports enthusiasts.


Using a mix of polling and interviews, blending quantitative and qualitative insights, we helped inform Red Bull’s positioning and sponsorship strategy.


& Digital

We helped Health Mart drive patients to its pharmacies with marketing automation.

The “Marketing Hub” enables localized marketing for 5,000 pharmacies, integrating dynamic creative, tailored campaigns, co-op funds and more.


& Technology

We helped Sutter Health promote awareness and utilization of new medical facilities.

By blending 3D (physical) models with an augmented reality (AR) experience, allowing patients to “see what’s inside” (to influence future visitation).

Education and Engagement

Strategy &

We helped HTL-Strefa launch a revolutionary new pen needle for people with diabetes.

From brand messaging to booth presence at noteworthy industry events, we developed and implemented an integrated launch campaign.


& Comms

We helped Timberland reimagine an eco-friendly product as a sustainable call-to-action.

From logo development to brand guidelines and a multi-channel “promotional kit” for use (and localization) internationally, we provided turnkey support.


& Roadshows

We helped Olympus engage hospital decision makers by deploying a mobile showroom.

By bringing sophisticated medical equipment directly to sites, we offered prospects a first-hand experience “close to home” – and helped sales reps “close the deal.”


Sponsorship &

We helped Olympus engage discerning healthcare providers through sponsorship.

The Olympus US Open Series combined onsite, digital, broadcast, retail and related activities to raise awareness (and revenues) across North America.

Promerica mobile health screening vehicle


We helped Wal-Mart position itself as a destination for people with diabetes.

By using five mobile health vehicles, we provided free screenings for both shoppers and associates.


& Events

We helped MedPlus demonstrate an EHR solution to ambulatory physician offices.

From content creation to KOL integration, meeting production to physician dinner compliance, we used a “faux debate” to illuminate EHR benefits.

“Promerica Health’s program has brought foot-traffic to our pharmacy locations and smiles to our patients’ faces. From event promotion to participant reporting, they make it easy.”

Michelle Gilliam

Health Mart Pharmacy (McKesson)