Need an alternative to
Interactive Health?

We are ready to help Interactive Health clients transition quickly – and will honor all existing service obligations and pricing for Interactive Health clients through 2020.

The recent announcement surprised the industry, and left many of the Interactive Health clients and employees wondering what the future looks like.

We believe that “experience” is the future of health, and we’ve developed our employee wellness solutions with both employee experience and employer needs in mind.

As a CLIA licensed, COLA accredited, HIPAA compliant lab operator, we are built to deliver health screenings, biometric testing, immunizations and more. Using our fleet of mobile health vehicles, touring clinicians, interactive technologies, telehealth, health promotion resources, real-time reporting and deeper data analysis, we can build on your existing program’s foundation. You don’t have to start over – and we can get started today.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Leverage the capabilities and customization opportunities you’ve come to expect:

Biometric - Interactive Health Clients


From finger stick to venipuncture, onsite or onboard one of our Mobile Health Vehicles (MHVs).

Platform - Interactive Health Clients


From online registration and HRA delivery to secure data sharing, we “connect” with employees and TPAs.


Integrated Communications

From custom content to pulsed messaging, we promote participation and healthy changes.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We’ve refined our onsite approach with COVID-19 in mind – to keep employees (and our staff) healthy and safe.

Staff - Interactive Health Clients


We use touring healthcare professionals (full-time staff), trained to drive engagement with your benefits offerings.


Reporting &

From customized patient reporting to aggregated client recaps, we help clients measure success.

We’ve been helping leading companies for over a decade. We can do the same for you!