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Education & Engagement

Turn every interaction into a learning experience

With a focus on everything from emerging technologies to preventative health, we deliver actionable insights from healthcare providers to patients. Our expertise in the development of compelling consumer experiences anchors Promerica Health’s perspective on health engagement. We understand the role that thoughtful interactions play in modeling, explaining, and changing behaviors. These interactions become even more critical when traditional obstacles to healthy outcomes – lack of insight, fear of discovery, resistance to change – must be overcome.

These are our specialties:

Patient Seminars

Nutritional Classes

Product Sampling

Medical Device Demonstration

Engaging your audience with industry know-how and experiential creativity

Our experience includes delivering a variety of health screenings and counseling services to tens of thousands of retail locations, the operation of a mobile kitchen classroom designed to teach at-risk children and families to embrace cooking and nutrition, and the deployment of a unique electric vehicle to drive the trial of an adult nutritional supplement among “boomers” living in retirement communities. From specialty staffing (nutritionists, podiatrists, RNs, etc.) to interactive technologies, creative services to community marketing, we have the tools to put your audience on the road to better health.

The experience is different. The results are better. It’s that simple.

Our programs are never out-of-the-box, one-size-fits. We create the experience you want, designed for your company’s unique needs.


Specialty Staffing

From spokespersons to medical practitioners, we offer higher-caliber, full-time employees, dedicated to program, who move from location to location. Our employees are specially trained to understand and explain your brand just as well as you could.


Unique Resources

Promerica Health is an integrated agency offering its own mobile health vehicle (MHV) fleet, logistics center (including pharma-grade storage), interactive solutions (AR, VR, app development, etc.), marketing automation, and in-house analytics team – all prepared to support your campaign.


Clinical Capabilities

Promerica Health meets and exceeds the most rigorous industry standards. Under medical director oversight, Promerica Health is COLA accredited and operates HIPAA-compliant systems.


Compliance Oversight

With a dedicated compliance officer and under the supervision of a medical director network, Promerica Health has the regulatory insights your brand demands and offers support for mandated reporting.


Client-Friendly Pricing

With no daily participation minimums or hidden costs (travel, after hours, etc.), you’ll know what you are getting upfront – no unpleasant surprises!

We deliver transformative health experiences for the world’s most respected brands

As a full-service health, wellness and medical technology engagement company, Promerica Health uses a mix of mobile, onsite, clinical, and digital strategies to deliver transformative health experiences for some of the biggest and best brands, employers, non-profit organizations, and healthcare stakeholders in the world.

Our Specialties

Mobile Showrooms

How do you engage healthcare buyers who are too busy to travel to your showroom? You bring the show (including your equipment, services, and expertise) to them.

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Trade Events

From exhibit marketing to meeting coordination and full-scale conference management, we know how to make the most of your presence and promotional efforts.

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Patient Aquisition

From healthcare practices to pharmacy and retail locations, we know how to engage and attract new patients (and create lasting connections).

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