Promerica Health Takes Mobile Health Vehicle to Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

EHBC Promerica Health Vehicle with Various AttendeesOur leadership team is invigorated after spending the last few days at the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress in beautiful Orlando, Florida! Human Resource, insurance, and benefit leaders from around the world attended the conference to exchange ideas, share best practices, and examine the latest trends. Promerica Health was proud to be an exhibitor at the conference, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to offer attendees complimentary health screenings from one of our mobile health vehicles—which was parked right on the exhibit floor.

Our health vehicles are designed to be mobile laboratories on wheels, but even more importantly, they are designed to facilitate healthy 1:1 conversations. Connecting with individuals…in the right environment—it’s at the core of our experiential approach. Being mobile allows us to be participant-centered, as we are able to bring the same high quality environment to our participants, wherever they may be.EHBC Promerica Health Team Minus Steve in front of Mobile Screening Vehicle EHBC

Bringing our vehicle to the exhibit floor to show attendees, allowing us to be attendee-centered, was consistent with who we are.

Overall, I am pleased to say that the health & well-being of attendees was quite high! 

When I wasn’t in our vehicle at the conference, I was delighted to visit all the innovative booths and learn from others who had experienced great success in improving the health and well-being of their employees. With virtually every experience, one common theme resonated with me most of all. This theme can be summarized with, “We asked…”

Over and over, I heard this simple yet enlightened theme.

“We didn’t see the improvement we wanted, so we asked our employees what motivates them…”

“When we began our wellness program, we asked employees what their values were…”

“Because we know depression is so prevalent, we asked employees 9 simple screening questions…”

EHBC Promerica Health Team Che Matt ScreenersI could go on and on—the theme was present in every booth and every classroom. Actually, it wasn’t just a theme–in every scenario, it was the key to success.

With the amazing technology of Disney down the road and a plethora of cutting edge technology under the conference roof, communication was the decisive innovator at this conference.

Our state-of-the-art mobile health vehicle, and any other technology we possess or develop, are tools to facilitate our experiential style of delivery. Encouraging healthy conversations and really listening to participants/employees will remain at the core of everything we do. We are convinced that the value of effective communication is the one area of the health and wellness landscape that is here to stay, and we are pleased to hear that the best and brightest industry leaders agree!