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Giving vaccinations a shot in the arm

By combining clinical excellence with an improved experience for both employees and site coordinators, we’re setting a higher standard for keeping employees healthy.

A vaccination process that makes it easier on everyone involved

Delivering clinically compliant flu shot clinics across the country is no easy feat – from cold chain (vaccine handling) to staffing, there are myriad logistical and regulatory hurdles to overcome. While most providers struggle with these details, the associated experience – for employees, and the people responsible for organizing clinic events at each site – is often overlooked and underwhelming. We do things differently.

Vaccination Service Highlights

  • Easy online/phone registration options
  • Site coordinator support (automated registration updates, etc.)
  • Privacy screen enclosures
  • Walk-ins welcome

The experience is different. The results are better. It’s that simple.

Our programs are never out-of-the-box, one-size-fits. We create the experience you want, designed for your company’s unique needs.


Flexible Scheduling & Delivery

Offering traditional or mobile services, finger stick or venipuncture, fasting and non-fasting screenings, our screenings – by appointment or walk-in – meet your employees’ needs with minimal disruption.


Superlative Experience

We offer a clinically-compliant experience that exceeds the most stringent industry standards.


Consistent Staff

We provide higher-caliber, full-time employees, dedicated to program, who move from location to location. Our employees are specially trained to understand and explain your wellness offerings just as well as you could.


Clinical Excellence

Promerica Health meets and exceeds the most rigorous industry standards. Under medical director oversight, Promerica Health is COLA accredited and operates HIPAA-compliant systems.


Turnkey Solutions

We’ll make it easy for you with direct outreach/coordination with site contacts and aggregated reporting and insights via our in-house analytics team.


Customized Promotion

With in-house creative capabilities, we can design and build client-branded registration websites, posters, welcome videos and more to increase employee awareness, buy-in and participation.


Tailored Data Sharing

We’ll make our data work with your system with ingest eligibility file (any format) and output patient results (any format).


Client-Friendly Pricing

With no daily participation minimums or hidden costs (travel, after hours, etc.), you’ll know what you are getting upfront – no unpleasant surprises!

We deliver transformative health experiences for the world’s most respected brands

As a full-service health, wellness and medical technology engagement company, Promerica Health uses a mix of mobile, onsite, clinical, and digital strategies to deliver transformative health experiences for some of the biggest and best brands, employers, non-profit organizations, and healthcare stakeholders in the world.

Our Clients Say

“Lowe’s is the first national retailer to provide free health screenings exclusively to our employees using mobile units. When employees choose to…participate in the health screening, they become actively engaged in their health and are able to get personal advice for their health needs.”

Bob Ihrie
SVP, Employee Rewards
Lowe's Home Improvement

Our Specialties


We’ve served employers with more than 1,700 locations. Our mobile health vehicles and “touring” approach make it easy to give each employee the same experience.

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Secure Locations

We’ve executed inside the security cordon at airports, nuclear facilities and more. Our professional staff and venue coordination capabilities make anything possible!

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Small Offices

With mobile capabilities and no daily minimums, we can deliver our services anywhere – and often do multiple in-market locations on the same day.

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