Why Us

You may have questions about why you should choose Promerica Health as your Mobile Screenings or Wellness Partner. Below are some answers. If you have more, please feel free to Contact Us.

Why should my company consider mobile screenings

Promerica Health brings the laboratory to participants, so there is as little disruption in daily/nightly work routines as possible. Screening vehicles are self-contained, so there is nothing needed onsite to facilitate screening activities.

Does Promerica Health offer vehicle leasing

Promerica Health’s screening vehicles are designed to be clinically efficient and can provide a self-contained venue for many types of medical testing. Most vehicles provide 4 partitioned areas with a comfortable lounging area. Vehicles provide for numerous opportunities to showcase healthy messages, such as display cases, a large screen to show videos, and shelves for educational materials.

Clients may lease these vehicles as a venue for their own health programs—both on a short term or long term basis.

How do communications and logistics work

As part of the TideSmart Global family, Promerica Health has access to unique tools and expertise to make your health and wellness program a success–from idea conception through the realization of program goals. Scheduling, organizing, and logistics can provide barriers for some screening companies, but for Promerica Health, these are areas of expertise and opportunity.

  • Multiple Shifts/Multiple Sites: Several work shifts? Several work sites? Screening during regular work hours in one location does not work for many clients. Promerica Health looks at the population to be screened and works with clients to come up with the least disruptive, most effective way to achieve maximum participant engagement.
  • Customized Marketing Engagement: Promerica Health develops customized marketing engagement plans, including tailored print and online materials, to drive engagement. Exciting videos, specifically designed for the client, can be developed to motivate full engagement in the program.
  • Scheduling: Promerica Health can use its own systems to schedule employees for clients.
  • Self-Contained Screening Vehicles: Since the design of its first screening vehicle, Promerica Health has continued to refine and improve the design to give participants the best experience possible. Every detail of the screening station has been thoughtfully planned.
  • Incentive Tracking: Promerica Health works with clients to develop, implement, and track incentives.

Does Promerica Health have medical professional liability insurance

As a health and wellness company that provides laboratory testing, Promerica Health recognizes the importance of maintaining appropriate insurance coverage. Promerica Health has invested in comprehensive medical professional liability insurance from a reputable medical insurance company as part of its business and risk management program.

What are your laboratory practices and COLA Accreditation

Promerica Health is licensed as a clinical laboratory and maintains its Federal CLIA Certificate of Waiver. In order to offer nationwide screening, Promerica Health operates in adherence with all federal, state, and local laws. In most cases, Promerica Health operates its laboratory in a manner more stringent than required.

As part of our commitment to provide accurate and reliable laboratory values, Promerica Health has a robust quality improvement program in place including careful quality control monitoring, proficiency testing, and rigorous training of employees. To further its commitment to quality, Promerica Health is in the process of accreditation with the Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation (COLA)

Is Promerica Health HIPAA compliant

Yes. Promerica Health has created a strong company culture of privacy and security to safeguard personal health information. Every step in the screening process has been audited to ensure that there are no confidentiality breaches and health information remains private. Sophisticated IT systems, utilizing such attributes as double encryption and isolated servers, ensure that health information remains secure at every step–before, during, and after screening activities have taken place.