Metabo HPT 


Metabo HPT is a leading power tool brand and manufacturer, primarily serving professional tradespeople.

Metabo HPT was born from the marriage of Metabo (a successful European brand) and Hitachi Power Tools, previously marketed as separate product lines.


Promote awareness surrounding the renaming of "Hitachi" to "Metabo HPT" among targeted product users; drive trial of new power tool line.


Develop a "fleet" of nimble mobile showroom trailers, designed for indoor/outdoor use.

Research and secure placement at industry events, construction worksites, partner retail locations, and other targeted venues.

Incorporate interactive experiences to enable a first-hand trial experience with new tools and related power enhancements.


Deployed six trailers and teams to dozens of market areas to maximize reach.

Provided first-hand trial experiences to tens of thousands of tradespeople.

Monitored and validated lift across geographies and among key merchant partners.

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