About Us

For almost 20 years, Promerica Health and our affiliated agencies have helped make moments that make a difference. Our interests, ethos and story reflect our purpose.

Promerica Health was originally founded as one part of TideSmart Global – a business focused on delivering experiences for national caliber brands. It has now become the “hero” of that broader business.

While we’ve invested in unique clinical capabilities, we view “experience” as our primary point of difference. When it comes to health and health-related decision making, from patients to providers, there is nothing more powerful or impactful than experience.

Our focus on the experience of health has also informed our approach to business. You can see it in our sustainable campus, in our employee wellness program, in our corporate volunteerism and charitable giving efforts. You can see it in our people and the passion they bring to their work.

Put simply, health is more than our professional calling – it is our purpose.

Our leadership blends deep expertise
in both engagement and clinical delivery.

Steve Woods

Steve Woods


For over 30 years, in both client (Coca-Cola, Miller Brewing) and agency (Y&R, Omnicom) leadership roles, Steve Woods has built our company, campus and culture with the power of experience in mind.


Kevin Joyce

EVP/General Manager

For over 20 years, including a decade leading the development of Promerica Health’s clinical and marketing practices, Kevin Joyce has helped ensure that our service offerings are truly best-in-class.


Todd Friberg

EVP/Creative & Technology

For over 20 years, Todd has brought his unique skillset to the development of the experiential assets, compelling content, data platforms and interactive solutions that set Promerica Health apart.


Maria Johnson

SVP/Business Services

For almost 15 years, Maria has helped Promerica Health navigate the financial, liability, compliance and human resource complexities that surround our business and core practice areas.

Dr. John Torres

Dr. Jon Torres

Laboratory Director

For almost 30 years, inclusive of his time as a Flight Surgeon (US Air Force) and later as an occupational health expert, Dr. Torres has applied his medical expertise in meaningful (and mobile) settings.


Jamie Ross

SVP/Client Engagement

For over 20 years, at both noteworthy agencies (McGarryBowen, Y&R) and Promerica Health, Jamie has built lasting relationships with leading brands by bringing real expertise to every interaction.


Pamela Woods

SVP/Business Development

For over 30 years, including sales and marketing leadership roles at PepsiCo, Ocean Spray and other noteworthy brands, Pamela has built enduring partnerships and profitable brand campaigns.


Pam Kendrick

VP/Marketing Services

For almost 20 years, Pam has worked to combine customer service, vendor management, fulfillment and campaign delivery efforts to meet our clients’ national scope (but locally focused) needs.


Christine Campbell

VP/Digital & Media

For almost 20 years, at both agencies and on the media side (Time Life), Christine has brought digital marketing expertise and traditional media savvy to the development of effective campaigns.

Our campus provides the perfect backdrop for exceptional people doing extraordinary work.

Featuring one of the few “net positive” facilities in New England, our campus is truly “green” – an office complex that showcases solar power, water reclamation, motion-activated lighting and more.

The campus was also designed with our clients’ specialized needs in mind. From our Logistics Center to an on-campus sound studio and healthcare helpdesk, where we work directly reflects who we are.

We are globally-focused, but we live, work and play in Maine.

From its rocky coastline and bucolic lakes to the increasingly cosmopolitan (foodie, forward-looking) nature of nearby Portland, Maine is a direct reflection of what we’re made of: Hearty and healthy, hardworking and high-minded.

Our “Maineness” also makes it possible to deliver uncommon value to our national clientele. We operate absent the pressures of “big city” costs and “big agency” bureaucracy but offer everything our competitors can (and more).